When Sue Meets the Duke

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To Sue

( about to meet the Duke of Gloucester in Christchurch)

  • •·

If you’re off to meet a Royal bloke

you must be serious, tis not a joke

if an a– you must kiss

you need a lis(t)

so there’s no reason for fun to poke

  • •·

at your meeting and greeting,

as you show them to their seating

with a curtsey cute

( to the sound of  lute?)

and a coy look , Oh so fleeting!!

  • •·

The list must be on your hand

to look at as you stand

checking the guests

throwing out pests

with a look both genial and bland.

  • •·

Please note

The Duke of Gloucester did not go to Foster,

He changed his roster and then he tossed her

( not sure if it was Sue though)

into the Avon!!!!