To Pamela’s Marmalade

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Pamela made a very tasty brew

Of oranges and lemons in a stew

        It stood the test

        One of her best

   Marmalades, ’tis her due

    As into Dannevirke we rolled

(The Vikings were there first we’re told)

      Penny opened the door

        And onto the floor

And into the gutter the marmalade bowled.

The wee delicate jar was then shattered

   The contents were definitely battered

          It had to be left

          And tho quite bereft

The four of us stood round and nattered.

       On our return past the site

    Hazel proffered the view that quite

         Likely some ants

      Had taken the chance

And made windows to suit just their height.

   I quite liked this whimsical thought

    And on my return thought I ought

      To write a small ditty

      Which tho not very witty

      The moment’ essence was caught.