Ruapehu A Poem 2007

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( Easter 2007)


I’m trying to write a wee ditty

And trying to be a bit witty

My fingers are cast

In a blue plast-

-er, here in Upper Hutt City.

I’m recalling the trip to the Bruce

Where a chicken was cooked, not a goose

Where camp mother and father

Got into a lather

When into the kitchen turned loose.

I recall the climb to the top

Some of us did not really stop

Maris cantered

Some of us panted

And one of us had a wee flop!!

From the balcony we admired the views

Ruapehu and Taranaki, our muse

We played Pictionary

Forbidden, the dictionary

And we drank a variety of booze.

We ate the most wonderful meats

And all sorts of dishes and treats

Organised and sorted

(Tho her coming was thwarted)

By Penny and Pamela, their feats!

So here’s to the crew who were there

Who made a weekend quite fair

With swimming and walking

And a fair bit of talking

A wee world away without care.

 Heather 2007