Patuna Chasm

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Patuna Chasm


T’was the day to walk the Patuna Chasm

M artinbro’s wine fest thought it had’m!

But no! onwards swept our gallant party

Thru’ rain and wind determined

Till all but six had faded away.

All excitement and more than a shiver

Six brave souls did cross the river

In that dim and eerie chasm

A fierce rock pierced poor Linda’s shin

And quite removed her usual grin!

As we slithered down the track

Peters 1 and 2 had the knack

To guide some carefully down the ladder.

Young Mary took a gentle shower

Amongst a green and mossy bower.

In gloomy stream Rob and Julie to waist did sink

Their cries of fear amidst light like ink

Did cause pigeons to flutter way up high

The eels did wriggle with great glee

Glad to say none came near me!

Down the dark and gloomy tunnel

Our gallant party thus did funnel

O’er boulders both large and small

Until on sunny bank we all did fall

And slowly climbed back up the flamin’ hill.

Rob and Linda

March 2007