Mackenzie St – Eastbourne – Sunday, 16 July 2017

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Mackenzie St – Eastbourne – Sunday, 16 July 2017

The day started out as a clear crisp winter’s morning in the Valley as 5 members of the club made their way to MacKenzie Street, Eastbourne. On arriving in Eastbourne the wind had picked up. However, the conditions overhead remained fine. We started the walk by entering the track via MacKenzie St. From the onset, the track is an uphill climb for the majority of the way with great views of the harbour to stop and enjoy while catching one’s breath. After all the bad weather we had experienced the previous week, the track was in very good condition. We soon reached the tract leading us down to the picnic area.

This track certainly showed signs of the storm from the previous week. The track was strewn with debris, slips and quite slippery under foot. The stream had run over its bank in many instances along with flattened grasses by the water. We soon arrived at the picnic area which is surrounded with Beech trees and a stream. We decided we would lunch at this spot. After lunch was done and the “photo shoot” was over, we made our way back up the track we had just descended. On reaching the top of the track we made our way onto the track that would take us to the exit to Kowhai Street. Once we reached the part of the track that would take us down to Kowhai Street – and after some discussion, we decided we would walk down the track to the Bus Barn.

We had more than enough time and the weather was great with the Sun bright in the sky –  I’m sure we all felt energised by it. The track to the Bus Barn was vastly improved from the last time I walked it – paths had been well gravelled and many wooden steps had been put into place. Of course, the views from this side are great – looking down on the harbour and out towards heads and of course the magnificent snow-capped Kiakoura’s in the background. We reached the end of the track and made our way back to the village via the walk parallel with the beach and here we encountered a brisk head wind. We finally arrived in the village and made our way to a cafe for a well-earned coffee.

This is a very good walk, with good hill climbs and great views of the harbour and its surrounds. The vegetation is made up of Manuka, scattered Beech, Ferns, Pungas and other native Fauna.