Cruise with Rob and Sue and Somes Is

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A visit to Somes Island with Rob and Sue

Rob and Sue have a yacht

So on a Sunday noon quite hot

We sailed across

With Rob the boss

We were a naval lot.

We walked the circuit track

Past the Light house there and back

Rob had a snooze

And minded the booze

And to get us had to tack.

After the nature walk

And the volunteer talk

The tuataras and skink

To bushes would slink

As at our loud chatter would baulk.

We had sausages and wine and stuff

On a day that was not rough

Out on the Harbour briney

With Petone not that tiny

Brought memories of the Med! Was tough!!

With thanks to Rob and Sue

We were their erstwhile crew

Some knew the ropes

Some just had hopes

And others were quite new.