To Pamela….. Naked Bits 2005

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To Pamela ( Kaitoke December 11 2005)   As Pamela sat on the track, And hungrily reached in her pack, Her fingers did close, On ‘one of those’ Which she brought out to show and to snack. Her sustenance , healthy for sure Was not without certain allure!! ‘Cos the name she announced, 0n which we all pounced Soon caused her to pause and demur. She was eating ‘Naked Bits’. The thought of which for sure admits Imagination stretches, And lots of those ‘far fetches’, With extensions of all wits.   I’ll leave her with her fodder And resist being any...

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The Kilminster Walk 2007

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The Kilminster Walk March 2007 Just after she’d toiled up the hill Pamela had a sort of a spill. The stile was busted , Fallen, not rusted, Whatever, it did her leg ill. Penny , the medic and lead Applied some stuff to the bleed There was thought of a stretcher And a copter to fetch’er But there really was no need. As up the brae she sprinted The pain at only hinted That unfortunate bump, with its colourful lump, a blemish in legs vaguely tinted. Heather...

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Pamela’s View

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   Our friend Pamela has a view That her trip versions are quite true     About hills & straights         But her mates Think she does her view with gloss imbue    So along came Kath for a walk       Impressed by Pamela’s talk          She hoped for a stroll          (be good for the soul) not expecting at rock ledges to balk !! With her gumption we were impressed    As she really was put to the test          As into the river       With a small shiver She fell right up to her breast(s) !! We hope Kath will venture again And will forget that February pain         To add a “pinch of salt”           is not a fault When considering Pamela’s refrain...

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The Trampers Lament

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 By an ex tramper There was once  a very merry tramper He was not a happy camper Over the mountain passes he went A pack on his back made him bent  

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To Pamela’s Marmalade

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Pamela made a very tasty brew Of oranges and lemons in a stew         It stood the test         One of her best    Marmalades, ’tis her due     As into Dannevirke we rolled (The Vikings were there first we’re told)       Penny opened the door         And onto the floor And into the gutter the marmalade bowled. The wee delicate jar was then shattered    The contents were definitely battered           It had to be left           And tho quite bereft The four of us stood round and nattered.        On our return past the site     Hazel proffered the view that quite          Likely some ants       Had taken the chance And made windows to suit just their height.    I quite liked this whimsical thought     And on my return thought I ought       To write a...

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Patuna Chasm

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Patuna Chasm ODE TO A CHASM T’was the day to walk the Patuna Chasm M artinbro’s wine fest thought it had’m! But no! onwards swept our gallant party Thru’ rain and wind determined Till all but six had faded away. All excitement and more than a shiver Six brave souls did cross the river In that dim and eerie chasm A fierce rock pierced poor Linda’s shin And quite removed her usual grin! As we slithered down the track Peters 1 and 2 had the knack To guide some carefully down the ladder. Young Mary took a gentle shower Amongst a green and mossy bower. In gloomy stream Rob and Julie to waist did sink Their cries of fear amidst light like ink Did cause pigeons to flutter way up high The eels did wriggle with great glee Glad to say none came near me! Down the dark and...

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