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Ruapehu A Poem 2007

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RUAPEHU ( Easter 2007)   I’m trying to write a wee ditty And trying to be a bit witty My fingers are cast In a blue plast- -er, here in Upper Hutt City. I’m recalling the trip to the Bruce Where a chicken was cooked, not a goose Where camp mother and father Got into a lather When into the kitchen turned loose. I recall the climb to the top Some of us did not really stop Maris cantered Some of us panted And one of us had a wee flop!! From the balcony we admired the views Ruapehu and Taranaki, our muse We played Pictionary Forbidden, the dictionary And we drank a variety of booze. We ate the most wonderful meats And all sorts of dishes and treats Organised and sorted (Tho her coming was thwarted) By Penny and Pamela, their feats! So here’s to the crew who were...

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Cruise with Rob and Sue and Somes Is

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Online Album  A visit to Somes Island with Rob and Sue Rob and Sue have a yacht So on a Sunday noon quite hot We sailed across With Rob the boss We were a naval lot. We walked the circuit track Past the Light house there and back Rob had a snooze And minded the booze And to get us had to tack. After the nature walk And the volunteer talk The tuataras and skink To bushes would slink As at our loud chatter would baulk. We had sausages and wine and stuff On a day that was not rough Out on the Harbour briney With Petone not that tiny Brought memories of the Med! Was tough!! With thanks to Rob and Sue We were their erstwhile crew Some knew the ropes Some just had hopes And others were quite new....

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When Sue Meets the Duke

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To Sue ( about to meet the Duke of Gloucester in Christchurch) •· If you’re off to meet a Royal bloke you must be serious, tis not a joke if an a– you must kiss you need a lis(t) so there’s no reason for fun to poke •· at your meeting and greeting, as you show them to their seating with a curtsey cute ( to the sound of  lute?) and a coy look , Oh so fleeting!! •· The list must be on your hand to look at as you stand checking the guests throwing out pests with a look both genial and bland. •· Please note The Duke of Gloucester did not go to Foster, He changed his roster and then he tossed her ( not sure if it was Sue though) into the...

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Are you whimpers or trampers?

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Are you Wimpers or Trampers? to Martin. May 2010 We believe that when we are trampers We live on oats and dampers from compost loos we admire the views and ignore life’s many pampers. Others of us might be wimpers not into laughs but simpers into the rush of a toilet flush and other worldly primpers. That one can be both is a belief and that is a great relief to some who’ve become Social affiliates ( good grief!!)   May 2010 a comment made by Martin at the tramping club meeting led to this.  

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Some were wet, others …

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There are those who went and those who stayed there are those who tramped and those who played in the cafe some sat and had a good chat while into the fray some assayed.   Heather (Scribe) 27 June 2010

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